Obligatory first post!

Now then, welcome to my little corner of the Inter-esting-net..

As all good (or bad, we’ll see) blogs start out they have to have the obligatory first post, summing up what they are all about and spouting wild promises (bit like a politician) of what will feature on their site.  First up, me..

Who am I?

Well, I am a bloke, rapidly approaching 40 (this year?!?!?!?!).  I live in Leeds in the mighty county of Yorkshire in the UK, although I hail from much further afield being born in Patagonia, South America and spent much of my childhood in the south of the UK until spending many years bouncing around the UK like a nomad until settling down in West Yorkshire.  And I love it here, I’ve finally found my “home” I guess!

I’m a pretty steadfast (or unlucky, depending on how you look at it) long term bachelor with very little to show for my decades on this planet except for what’s in my head.  I don’t own a car, I don’t even have a license.  I do have a mountain bike that cost me £30 second hand and lives in my garage gathering dust.

I don’t own my house and have very little in the way of worldly possessions to show for my time on this planet.

I’m not well traveled, having not been abroad in over 20 years due to not having a passport until last year.  This I plan to change very soon though!  To be honest, I keep myself that busy I rarely leave the surroundings of my postcode let alone my amazing county.

However, I have thoughts, passions, ideas and things that drive me completely crazy, angry and sad.  I am not well educated by many standards with little in the way of formal qualifications, but I do have wide-spread knowledge, understanding and experience, which for me is far more valuable.

What will you find here?

This blog is my place to lay down the multitude of thoughts, reactions, emotions, advice and rants about things I love and/or aspire to now I’m hitting my “mid-life crisis”.    It will also feature my rants!  I am a very outspoken person when I don’t agree with something and not afraid to say what I think about this crazy world we live in.


I am a self confessed “Foodie“, though I’m not sure I like that term anymore after watching the first episode of Anthony Bourdains’ Parts Unknown Season 4 last night.  But that is for another post.  I enjoy cooking, trying out new taste combinations, textures, methods and techniques.  I’m not really that good, but I’m learning.

I love the Food Truck scene here in the UK and abroad, and you’ll see plenty of things about that on here.

Expect all manor of food related posts as I muck around in the kitchen, read my ever expanding collection of books and blogs and experience whole new ways of piling on the weight! ;)


Real Ale

The first few posts you will find on this blog will probably actually seem to contradict this statement as I am undertaking the OctSober challenge of being sober for the whole month of October.  However, don’t be fooled, my waistline and lack of finances will attest to the fact that I love to drink, especially Real Ales!  I am proud to live in the most prolific and finest Real Ale region of the UK with the highest concentration of breweries anywhere in the country.  I help out running the bar at my local beer festival which also lead to help run a Real Ale pub over the summer and a Music Festival Beer Tent this year.



I am a lifelong techie (sort of where the title of this blog came from too).. Since being a young boy saving up to buy my first ZX Spectrum and spending days typing in code from Byte magazine I’ve had a passion for technology.  I understand it, it inspires me, it baffles me, it destroys me from time to time.  But I love it!

You’ll find all sorts of wildly diverse technology posts, including posts with any advice I give to those who regularly ask me for help in my local area.  I rarely make it through a session at my local pub with at least one person wanting advice, support or recommendations on their computer, phones, tablets, websites etc.

I spend my working life battling away with the demons of the Microsoft SharePoint world, building and developing systems for the company I work for.  I also am branching out into Android development, I use Linux as much as possible in my personal life.  I develop websites and pretty much get involved in “geeking out” wherever possible :)



This is a fairly new one to me, well I thought it was anyway.  I always believed I was non-political, detached from what was happening in the world around me and powerless to change it even if it did affect me.

Then one day I realised I wasn’t!  I was actually VERY political, not in a way most people are where they just say “Oh, I’m a Tory” or Labour or whatever and that’s that, that these parties either can’t do anything wrong and if they do they’re still better than the alternative.   To me that is utter crap.  Here we go, my political view is…

“Not since that time a bloke called Guy Fawkes had a cunning plan to change the world of politics by trying to stick a big bomb under the Houses of Parliament has there been anyone in that building with our countries best interests at heart and not purely in it for what they can steal for themselves.”

There, I’ve said it.. I firmly believe that our country is suffering because of this type of “power system” we have here and pretty much the only way to solve our countries problems is to get rid of the whole lot and start again!


That’s that then..

Phew, I guess that’s pretty much everything.. There will always be posts that don’t quite fit into any of those categories but hey that’s the magic of life, it can’t be neatly packaged and compartmentalised, it’s diverse, integrated, bound to everything around it.  Fun, fun, fun…

I hope you enjoy, or at least find mildly interesting, my thoughts on this crazy planet and everything I experience in it and feel free to comment on anything I post..  I love to debate, challenge myself and expand my way of thinking through reasonable discussion and debate!  So join me on my journey through life!