Veggie Challenge Day 1 Recipe – Moroccan Style Pumpkin & Butter Beans

Moroccan-style pumpkin and butter beans recipe - All recipes UK

Veggie Challenge Day 1 Recipe – Moroccan Style Pumpkin & Butter Beans

Ah, Autumn has arrived!  I love Autumn, it brings so many hearty vegetables to the kitchen, in abundance, that are often unobtainable or expensive the rest of the year.  Certainly obtaining them ethically from local sources is impossible.

I noticed in my local Co-Op last night that they are selling absolutely monster sized pumpkins (grown right here in the UK too, not sure on the organic status though) at £3 each or two for £5.  This is a deal I don’t think I’ll be able to refuse tonight on my way home.  If I had chance I would try and get them from my local market in Leeds, but alas I’m not doing a market run for a week or two and they would be a nightmare to carry on the bus with everything else.

A bit of research online over night has given me over 500 recipes, some very similar but there are around 60 or 70 completely different options available and stocking up on soups and purees is never a bad thing really.

Frugally thinking (I’m always looking for ways to be more cost effective in the kitchen, making what I can from scratch where appropriate), one of these pumpkins would make somewhere in the region of eight or nine substantial meals for one person, from soups to loaves/scones/cakes and the obvious casseroles, curries and stews.  On top of that roasting off the seeds with a little spice will make an awful lot of snack food potential and additions to salads and so on.  So £2.50 per pumpkin I think is a cracking deal for this month.  They also have a best before of the middle of November so should be good to store a whole one for quite a while before “processing” it.

A single portion of off the shelf Pumpkin soup can cost anywhere up to £2.00 on it’s own with all manor of dodgy ingredients thrown in for good measure.  I think I should get somewhere around ten to fifteen substantial portions of soup out of just one of these! So in soups alone I would have about £30’s worth! :D

So tonight I plan to grab a couple of these beasts and get one of them started to make a variation on the recipe below.  A tasty start to my challenge I reckon.

I might look a right Melon (pun intended) walking down the street with one under each arm, but I think it’s worth it.  Expect lots of Pumpkin related posts this month!

Moroccan-style pumpkin and butter beans recipe – All recipes UK.

Healthy Waffle

Pumpkins are incredibly high in the Low Calorie stakes, 100g of Pumpkin provides just 26 calories, with no fat or cholesterol, any of that comes from what you combine it with ;).

Per 100g they pack in huge amounts of anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals.

  • Vitamin A – 246% RDA

Vitamin A is used by the body to maintain healthy skin and mucus membranes.  They claim it’s also good for fighting against lung and oral cavity cancers. Add on top of that it’s your beneficial to the eyes too.  Pretty decent then eh?

On it’s own, all that Vitamin A is a great reason for me to get hooked on Pumpkins but with added extras such as Vitamin B-6, Calcium, Potassium and army of other apparent goodies I need to read up on, it’s all a bit of a no brainer.

100g of Pumpkin Seeds also provides

  • Iron 110% RDA
  • Niacin 31% RDA
  • Selenium 17% RDA
  • Zinc 71% RDA
  • Tryptophan amino acid (good for the brain apparently)
  • plus loads of other good stuff