OctSober & Veggie Challenge Day 2: Feeling good!

Well, that was a refreshing start to the morning.

No muggy head, no claggy throat (even though I’m not tackling the smoking bit, yet) and a spring in my step. Most confuddling, but in a good way. Replaced the usual wine/beer with cold brewed fruit tea last night and a mug of Horlicks with my book before bed (another bulk bought mega-reduced item from the local shop a few months back @ 75p each for the big tubs, exp June 2015?!), very tasty.

Added a fairly long cold(ish) shower to the routine this morning instead of the usual skin melter and boy that was invigorating!

Homemade Muesli with Greek Yoghurt, Blackberries and Lemon Zest for brekkie and a slab of wholemeal toast (shop bought this time, must make some more bread this week!) with my homemade Blackberry Jam. I never get time for all that normally.

Brisk walk to work in the frosty air and now settled at my desk feeling ridiculously alive!

Can this keep up for another 30 days?! I actually believe so, so far.. We’ll see what the weekend brings, they are always the big challenge!