OctSober & Veggie Month 2014

October 2014

So, a while back I asked my friends both in the real world and online to give me a challenge to undertake for October this year.  No real reason why it is October, it’s just the next full calendar month from when I decided which to do.

It all stems from my ranting and complaining about this ridiculous Ice Bucket Challenge that went viral and achieved very little this year.  My friends branded me a grumpy, emotionless old fart.  Which to be honest I pretty much am ;)  So I told them to find me a challenge that would actually make a difference, not necessarily to Charity (though they will be receiving whatever money I save this during this challenge), but maybe to me personally.

Now, just to put you in the picture.. I am a kinda happily single bloke, living alone in a rented house, I don’t drive or own very much actually worth much and am rapidly pushing the age of forty .. 4 – 0.. :O  It’s crazy!!

Over this year I have piled on a bit of timber, for a number of reasons.  Firstly, I went back to living on my own after my former-t’house-lodger-mate moved out in May, leading to me getting VERY lazy on many fronts.



I started drinking more at home and not in the pub because I had the house to myself, this lead to a gradual increase in consumption too as it got more commonplace and I could stay up later.  Because of this I have realised I need to sort this out a bit and have vowed to undertake OctSober.  No alcohol will pass my lips for the whole of October 2014, at all!!


Whenever I cook, which I love, I ALWAYS make three or four times more than I am going to eat, I am just useless at portioning food up.  With the former-t’house-lodger-mate around it wasn’t such an issue as he devoured almost everything I put in front of him, but.. my menu had to be fairly mundane and familiar as he wasn’t very good at trying new things.  Now he has gone I am cooking even more, interesting and, diverse things, and when I sit down to eat, I am devouring all of it in one sitting instead of portioning it up and banging it in the freezer for other days.  I am also eating WAY to much red meat, despite having cupboards full of dehydrated, stored ingredients which would make for great veggie options such as ChickPeas, Butter Beans, Cous-Cous, Wholegrains etc!

Now, one thing I am focusing in on a lot lately is food waste, how I can reduce my own personal food waste an the wider issues with how we actually have far more than enough food stock piled or being destroyed in the developed world to feed the “Third World” population (what exactly is the “Second World”?!) several times over.


So, the challenge(s)

For the whole of October I will be..

  • Abstaining from all forms alcoholic beverage (not including as an ingredient in food as the alcohol gets evaporated off).
  • Eating a vegetarian only diet, as a true vegetarian, not one of these pathetic ones who still eats seafood or Chicken (really, there are pseudo-vegetarians who think this counts?! Idiots!!)
  • Where possible, I will be utilising as many ingredients from my pantry that have sat around for the last year gathering dust.  I will be buying some ingredients in that need to be fresh (fresh fruit and veg etc) but kept to a bare minimum as I have stacks of dehydrated produce such as mushrooms, onions, aubergines (eggplant), courgette (zuccini for you non-Brits) etc.

Additional challenges will include.. Walking more, totally blitzing my house in an Autumn clean and reading more books for fun.

This is going to be an interesting month and will be fully documented here on Resident Geek.

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